About Abeer Al Suwaidi

Abeer Al Suwaidi is an innovative women's fashion brand creating unique pieces that make a statement. "Nothing stays constant- not even the abaya", is the philosophy powering the brand mission of casting the traditional garment in breath-taking contemporary form. We profile the brand to find out more about the designs it creates and how it is changing the women's fashion market for the better.

Named after its designer, Abeer Al Suwaidi is a trend-setting brand reinterpreting the traditional abaya with contemporary twists. Innovative materials, brave drapes and avant-garde cuts have come to define Abeer Al Suwaidi's aesthetic.

With liberal use of vibrant colour, spikes, epaulettes and harnesses, Abeer Al Suwaidi transforms the classic abaya silhouette with punk rock chic. It is well known that the brand is a conversation starter. It exudes a fusion of ideas, influences, bravery, homage, and cross-cultural appeal. Abeer Al Suwaidi transcends demographics to appeal to women across the world, some of whom have never before worn Abayas, while attracting a loyal Middle Eastern clientele.

It is this cross-cultural appeal that makes Abeer Al Suwaidi such a rapidly growing brand with immense potential. Its parent company, Fashion Arabia LLC, is an agile enterprise designed to introduce creative ideas in fashion to the regional market through its concept store "Ush Boutique", and Abeer Al Suwaidi is able to draw on the firm's expertise to help bring it achieve its full potential as a luxury clothing brand. With such a powerful force behind it, the brand has the design credentials and business acumen to drive it to new heights.

Through Ush Boutique platform, Fashion Arabia LLC's mission is to introduce exciting new ideas in fashion, creativity and culture to discerning clients in local markets and GCC region and will be seeking to enhance Abeer Al Suwaidi's success over the years ahead. Surely, Abeer Al Suwaidi is a key part of achieving this.

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